Kohls App is More than Just an App

We live in an era of technological advancements. There are new and improved updates and things coming our way on daily basis. Kohls Mobile App is one of those things that we are fortunate to have. Kohl’s app makes it easier than ever to shop at Kohl’s. It is so much more than a shopping app. You can enjoy lots of savings with a minimum effort. Imagine what can be done with a single download, with a tap of the finger, possibilities are just unlimited. All of your Kohl’s offers, deals, Kohl’s cash, Yes2You reward, and gift cards in one place which is fast and convenient to use.

These latest enhancements to the Kohl’s App are part of Kohl’s commitment to delivering a seamless shopping experience, whether in-store or digitally. They have brought all the things customers love about Kohl’s into one easy to use app, saving them time and money both at the same.

Customers love the Kohl’s App. It’s been downloaded more than 21 million times since it launched and still counting. An easier, more convenient shopping experience is just a download away.


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So how useful and friendly your Kohl’s app is? Let us review some of the salient features of this wonderful app.

Kohls Mobile App is Your Store Associate

A great and most handy feature known in the Kohls mobile app, you can scan any product you want while shopping in-store to see the product price, read reviews and view any applicable offers available associated to the product you want and then add to your wallet.

Never Forget your Kohl’s Cash

Kohl’s cash is one of the most loved features about Kohl’s. Now you can add Kohl’s Cash to your Wallet and set up e-mail or push notification reminders so you will never forget to use it again.

Kohls Snap & Shop

A feature that gives you access to almost everything anywhere. With the Snap & Shop feature, you can take a picture of anything in the world, like your friend’s shirt or bracelet, and look to find similar products on the Kohl’s App. Take a picture of the item you want with the App and find the same piece or something similar on Kohls.com.

Kohls Yes2You Rewards

As soon as you earn Yes2You Rewards, they automatically show up in the App. You can check your balance in multiple places within the App, including the wallet. Plus, get 10 points just for downloading the App. Wow! Isn’t it.

Kohls Auto Push Notifications

Now, this is what you call ‘effortless’. With push notifications on, you’ll have offers automatically pushed to your mobile wallet including Secret Sales and other Mystery Offers. If you allow push notifications, you’ll get notified whenever there is a sale on an event going live.

Check Out Without Leaving the Couch

Snuggled into your favorite spot? No need to get up and grab your wallet. Yes, you can now easily store your Kohl’s Charge or Credit Card information in the App for all future purchases. Just save once and then every time you use the app, your relevant information will appear as you require.

Your Portable Kohls Kiosk

If you can’t find what you’re looking for while in-store, use the App to search Kohls.com – plus get free standard shipping on any order while shopping in-store. All you have to do is to just make sure that your phone location service is turned on.

No Copy Pasting of Long Promo Codes

Gone are the days of typing in long promo codes, pin numbers, Kohl’s Cash codes, etc. Scan an offer with a bar-code into your wallet and it will show up for easy redemption at checkout. Your discount code will be automatically applied to your purchase and you end up enjoying the wonderful saving.

Kohl’s Store Inventory

Set your favorite store in Store Tools, hit the search bar and browse all of the items available. Use the App to buy online and pick up in store for the easiest shopping trip ever.

Pay Your Bills

You can check your Kohl’s Charge app balance on the app and you can even schedule payments. While there, check your billing information and if there is any need to update it, you can do that too right from the Kohl’s app.

Make a List, As Many Times as You Want

Creating a list has never been easier. On the Kohl’s App, you can:

  • Set a budget and track your spending using the budget meter
  • Add reminder notifications for the day and/ or week before your event
  • Set event date and countdown the days
  • Share your wish list with friends and family via social media, email or text message

It’s Download Time

There is simply so much more to explore in this wonderful and convenient Kohls mobile app. So, what are you waiting for? Download the Kohl’s App today and get access to the world of wonders.

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