Best Watches under 200

Even though many people treat watches as a fashion accessory, a good watch has to serve a more practical function despite its aesthetics. Now, it has to be said that watches have become a lot more affordable over the years with the introduction of new technologies and manufacturing methods. Given the sheer galaxy of choices, one has to choose from nowadays, you should perhaps first figure out what type of watch best serves your needs.

Type of Watches

While it may seem to the common eye that all wristwatches are somewhat alike, the mechanisms and internal engineering used in their making set them apart from one another. This is not just true of designer watches, although they are more prone to innovate, but to a large segment of the watches market.

Field Watches: These watches are built in the same fashion as the first wristwatches ever made, meaning they have a more practical purpose by design. Most if not all of these watches have analog displays and incorporate few features beyond basic time-keeping functions. As a result of their simplicity, they are usually very durable and easy to read.

Dive Watches: As the name suggests, these watches are built for diving purposes, meaning that they have to handle rough conditions and a lot of water pressure. To some extent, a diving watch is more of an equipment piece rather than a way to tell time. We say this because divers have to keep close track of how much time they spend underwater, which is why they often rely on watches to keep themselves safe.

Aviator Watches: We refer to aviator or aviation watches when we talk about those watches equipped with large numerals or illuminated displays. These watches often boast an inner hour dial and an outer minute dial along with a series of more intricate features. Among them, chronographs, GPS systems, slide-rule bezels, satellite radio distress beacons, and even altimeters.

Dress Watches: These particular watches are primarily designed as fashion accessories and thus share some pretty exquisite aesthetics. Due to the fact that they focus on looks rather than practicality, they are mostly seen as fashion accessories rather than stand-alone watches. For this reason, these watches tend to be thin, sleek, light in weight, and extremely fashionable to look at.

Things to Consider while Buying Watches

Once you have figured out what type of watch best suits your particular needs, you have to take a moment and figure out what exact functions would best meet your requirements.

Weight and Accuracy: If you are thinking about spending at least $100 on a watch, then, by all means, make sure it is heavy and accurate. Most of the time a watch’s weight is directly indicative of its time-keeping accuracy due to its inner workings.

Casing: Good watches have sturdy and reliable cases that usually display information about the materials used in their making or other similar hallmarks. Either that or certifications to show that the watch meets international quality and control standards.

Legibility: You also want a watch with clear markings that are easy to read in all lighting conditions. As a rule of thumb, quality watches all have an elegant, legible hour, minute, and second hands that cannot be confused with one another.

Strapping: Last but not least, bear in mind that you will likely wear the watch for hours at a time, which is why you want one that you can wear in a relatively comfortable fashion. In this respect, you want a watch with a wide strap that does not gouge into your wrist, one that also does not get caught up in your clothes or any objects in your working environment.

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