Best Phones Under $200

Smart phones under $200 may not be among those high end or latest released phones. However, within budget, you can buy unlocked Android phones that have latest operating systems or enough specifications to use day to day apps.

If you are on a budget then these are the best Android smart phones under 200 price mark.



When you are on a budget, then most likely you will buy an Android phone because Apple iPhone models are expensive, unless you find a used one or a old model like iPhone 5/5S etc.

Below are some tips that will help you grab the best among smartphones under $200.

  • Processor Cores. The most important specification is the phone’s processing speed. Look for the number of cores in the phone. More cores mean more speed.
  • RAM. More RAM means faster performance. Low RAM phones usually hang a-lot when we try to open multiple apps. Like Checking email and opened FB or instagram etc in the background.
  • 5.5 inch screen size. We recommend to look for a 5.5 inches screen size because it’s easy to carry and large enough to use social media and streaming apps, specially YouTube videos. You can also buy a Android phone with smaller screen because they are easily portable.
  • Phone Battery. An ideal Android phone battery should have a minimum 3000 mAh.
  • Internal Storage. Most of the budget Android phones under 200 have 16GB internal storage. It looks a lot but actually Android operating system takes a lot of memory. So we suggest that the phone must have 32GB internal storage. If not, then it should have option to add memory card.


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