Best Home Decor under 200

Have hardly any money to spend on your home decor? It might seem impossible to design a home that will not end up looking like your budget was zero, but it is possible to get creative and design a home that still looks great despite your small (or non-existent) budget. Here are some of our favorite tips.

Focus on Layout

Really work on designing your spaces to optimize each room’s flow and feeling. If your spaces are small, consider maneuvers that will make a room feel larger than it is. Consider the views into rooms and place furniture in a way that complements or contrasts architecture.

Work on Available Resources

Before you start blowing your tiny budget on new purchases, look at what you have got to begin with. Can any of your pieces have decorative elements stripped away to improve their look? Sand down mismatched wood furniture and use a similar stain to make them match a bit better. Take a chance on a pre-mixed paint cans at your local hardware store which can be really cheap to add fun details or “white-wash” too-heavy or outdated furniture.

Bring Your Abstract Artist to Canvas

A huge, boldly colored abstract painting is going to look impressive, even if you were the one wielding the paintbrush! Grab inspiration from online, stretch your own canvas to save money and explore alternative-to-framing ideas to get art up on your walls without spending a ton of money.

The Plant Creativity

Grow plants from seeds or find smaller plants you can nurture and transfer into bigger pots as they get bigger. Ask friends if you can propagate cuttings from their awesome succulents and get lots of small plants and hanging and displaying them at different heights.

Hang It

Wall hooks can be pretty cheap and though they themselves are small, they have the ability to host larger elements that can become a part of your decor. Do not be afraid to hang your functional clothing and accessories in ways that add to your decor.

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